Going Specific, Deeper, and Unlimited

NISSEI has been specializing in the field of injection molding, digging deeper, and pushing the envelope in utilizing its technology for a wide variety of applications since its inauguration in 1947.
With our motto of “Going Specific, Deeper, and Unlimited,” we have been making ongoing effort in researching and developing the injection molding machines as well as its molds, molding support systems, and mold processing technologies.
In spite of globalizing markets and diversifying needs in today's industry, we are emphasizing that shop floor is the center of the molding businesses and utilizing our accumulated original technologies to provide solutions to the customers with one-to-one approach.
We will always be committed to developing technologies that enrich our lives and benefit our industrial societies as well as pursuing environment-conscious valuable manufacturing.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support to NISSEI.

President and Representative Director

Hozumi Yoda